Mikado opened its doors 39 years ago in Geneva! We attach great importance to the respect of Japanese traditions in the elaboration of our dishes.

Mikado pays special attention to quality, hygiene and the origin of its products.


Mikado strives to work with fish, shellfish and seafood certified with the FRIENDS OF THE SEA quality label, which guarantees sustainable fishing. These fish are reared in conditions as close as possible to reality, their feed is free of any GMOs, pesticides or antibiotics.


This taste for meticulous work, carried out in the respect of Japanese tradition, is reflected in the welcome of our customers and the setting of our restaurants. Everything is done so that you can spend a friendly and exotic moment there.
Varied menus, quality products, attentive staff and a warm atmosphere make Mikado the perfect choice for your lunch break.

Product processing

At Mikado, every morning, the salmon arrive whole. Our specialized cooks take care of "lifting the fillets". This work is done manually to ensure a neat job. It is important to note that Mikado makes his own smoked salmon which gives it that unique and tasty taste.

Cutting is done in our restaurants by experienced chefs to ensure freshness, but above all the best of Japanese cuisine, which is Mikado's way of combining tradition and authenticity.

Mikado guarantees an irreproachable quality and freshness on its meats. Arriving very early in the morning, the meats are processed, prepared and offered to customers the same day.

For hot or cold dishes such as our makis or in salads, our chefs give their best to offer quality and tasty dishes to satisfy our customers.


In order to guarantee high quality products, produced in a healthy environment and meeting strict hygiene standards, Mikado collaborates with Abiolab, a company specializing in solutions related to food quality and safety. Tests are carried out regularly, and these concern both the products and Mikado employees.